2019 Bond Trail Improvement Projects

Phase One bond projects include: 

Hamestring Bridge

A bicycle and pedestrian connection between the large residential areas north of Wedington Drive (Hwy16) and the Meadow Valley Trail with a new bridge over Hamestring Creek. 

Tsa La Gi Trail Construction

Completes a missing section of the Tsa La Gi Trail across Razorback Road just south of MLK Jr. Blvd. 

Shiloh Trail at Centennial Park

Bond issue Phase One includes construction of the Centennial Park entrance path and design of Centennial Park connections and the Shiloh Trail from Moore Lane to Centennial Park. 

Hwy 62 / I-49 Bike/Pedestrian Connections

Connects the Shiloh Trail North of Highway 62 (Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd) and west of I-49, and the Town Branch and Tsa La Gi Trails south and east of the interchange.   

Combined Phase 1 Trails map (click to enlarge)

Phase 1 combined trails map